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Petro Mohyla Black Sea National University, Mykolaiv

Petro Mohyla Black Sea National University, Mykolaiv

About University


The Black Sea National University named after Petro Mohyla is one of the youngest higher educational institutions in Ukraine. It is located in a place where, in 1862, the Emperor’s Decree was created by Nikolayevskaya Port Handicraft School. Since then, there have been institutions of education of different types.

The Revival of Mohyla University is part of the Renaissance of Ukrainian culture.

  • Location: 68 Desantnykiv St, Mykolaiv, Mykolaivs’ka oblast, Ukraine, 54000
  • Founding Year: 1996
  • Program name: General medicine
  • Degree offered: Doctor of Medicine/MBBS
  • Duration: 6 years (5+one year internship)
  • Medium of Teaching: English
About Ukraine
Time difference from India 2 hours and 30 minutes before of India
Official Languages Ukrainian
Capital Kyiv
Currency Ukrainian Hryvnia
Exchange Rate 1 INR = 0.38023 UAH

Why study at Petro Mohyla Black Sea National University


  • It is recognized as a higher education institution by the WHO, and MCI (Medical Council of India).
  • Remarkable lectures are given by world-widely notable medical scholars and excellent doctors, pharmacists, dentists, etc.
  • Modern Academic programs
  • Experienced and highly qualified academic staff.
  • International exchange programs.
  • Possibility of an internship in more than 100 partner companies.
  • Student-oriented environment.
  • Best infrastructure.
  • Excellent quality of education with classes conducted in 100% English medium.
  • Low fee structure and low cost of living.
  • Ukraine is a beautiful country. It is the safest country for girls’ education. Every year a large number of Indian students choose to study MBBS at Ukraine.
  • Indian mess (Veg and Non-veg) is available for Indian students. Separate Indian warden is employed for the Indian students. 24 hrs wi-fi facility is available for the students.

Campus Life


  • Presently, the University has created all conditions for the blossom of students and graduates of the new generation. There are all conditions for comfortable learning, activities, sports, and leisure, as far as all is secured for student benefits and comfort at the University.4 institutions and 6 departments form the basis of Petro Mohyla Black Sea National University. Facilities of the university include 11 university buildings, a library with a fund of 110,000 published sources, the information-computer center and 14 computer classes (free Wi-Fi); gyms; student dormitories, etc.
  • If you’re hungry, you can visit student canteen or café, where you can have a good meal, meet with your friends, and find out the news during the break.
  • Those who love fine arts may visit the Art Gallery, where the best artists exhibit their masterpieces.
  • There are3 modern student dormitories for students from other cities and low-income students at the university.
  • The cultural life of our students is represented by a student theatre “The Graal”, which annually takes part in the International Festivals of French language theatre.
  • BSNU has 15 sports clubs including volleyball, basketball, athletics, aerobics, martial arts, scuba diving, sailing, and others.



The university has the library stocked with 169442 copies. The fund of the department of literature in foreign languages has 22000 copies in 44 languages. The structure of the library includes 1 subscription and 3 reading halls with a total amount of 238 seats.

There is an Information-computer center and 14 computer classes. Now there are 450 modern computers in the university, all of which are connected to the local network. Also, there is a wireless computer network (Wi-Fi), with over 600 laptops, PDAs, and other wireless devices registered and available for use. There are over four thousand registered users on the local net. Each employee and student of the preparatory department or FEB faculty has free access to computers and to the Internet. There is two points function for printing and copying, equipped with photocopiers, computers, printers, and scanners, including a large-format colour printer for large posters to meet the students’ needs.



The university also has the Medical Center. Medical Center is located on the first floor of the first building. Whenever necessary, students have access to qualified assistance. Students will also be served with reminders regarding necessary vaccinations and x-rays.

Faculty and Teaching


The Black Sea National university has 4 institutes including Institute of Medicines and others, 6 different faculties and more than 350 lecturers

In BSNU there is also the Students’ Scientific Society which publishes a scientific journal “The student scientific studios.”



The city’s climate is moderately continental with mild winters and hot summers. Mykolaiv’s average temperature is 10 °C (50 °F). The lowest average temperature is in January −3.1 °C (26 °F), the highest in July 22.3 °C (72 °F).

Mykolaiv has an average of 472 mm (19 in) of precipitation per year, with the lowest precipitation in October, and the most in July. Mykolaiv has snow cover every year, but its height is low.

The average relative humidity is 73% for the year; the lowest humidity is in August (60%); the highest in December (86%). The lowest cloud is seen in August; the highest is in December.