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Asian Medical University, Kant

Asian Medical University, Kant

About University


Asian Medical Institute is a university situated in Kyrgyzstan. It is recognized by the Ministry of Education & Ministry of Health. It is also recognized by WHO and listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools. The faculty members are well-versed in the English language. Each member holds a degree in Medicine and is either an M.D. or Ph.D. holder. Few members of the faculty are also specialist in their field.

  • Location: 56 Gagarin street, Kant, Kyrgyzstan
  • Founding Year: 2008
  • Program name: MBBS
  • Degree offered: MBBS
  • Duration: 6 years (5+ one-year Internship)
  • Medium of Teaching : English
About Kyrgyzstan
Time difference from India 30 minutes ahead of India
Official Languages Kyrgyz, Russian
Capital Bishkek
Currency Kyrgyzstani Som
Exchange Rate 1 Kyrgyzstani Som = 1 INR

Why study in Asian Medical University


  • Asian Medical Institute is recognized by MCI, FAIMER and WHO Directory of Medical School
  • Advance preparation for MCI Screening Test or FMGE from 1st year. MCI Screening Test or FMGE coaching is given by Indian professors
  • College degree is Valid in India, Europe, USA
  • Free Wi-Fi on campus with Hostel accommodation facility
  • Separate Hostel for Boys and Girls
  • Hostel room on 3 student sharing basis.
  • Hostel guarded by security guards 24×7
  • College bus facility for transportation from the hostel to affiliated hospitals
  • Indian food cooked by Indian chefs
  • Indian mess is within the campus- 3 meals a day
  • More than 8 hospitals for practicals.
  • Free laundry service (clothes washed and pressed)
  • Centrally heated hostels and college
  • Weekly English classes for students weak in English
  • Very low budget required
  • More than 2,000 Indian students studying in Asian Medical Institute.

Campus Life


Institute is currently having 3 well-operating campuses based in various localities.

1.Asian Medical Institute, Polyclinic: Situated at 58, Gagarina Street, Kant. It is having 3 Boy’s Hostels and 1 Girl’s Hostel for Indian Students only. A polyclinic having more than 90 rooms for teaching purposes, including simulation center for anatomy and dental surgeries. 1000 seated Mess at the top floor of the hostel.

2.AzMI Campus 2/ Kyrgyzskaya MIS: This campus was owned by the institute in the year 2016. It is having 60 rooms for educational purposes, 1 500 seated auditorium, and 60 seated conference hall, while the whole of the 2nd floor is currently having all the administrative offices. It is also having a library with 9000+ books for medical studies and 20 computers to avail services of an online library.

3.AzMI Clinic: This campus was owned by institution in the year 2015 and has 2 fully equipped lecture halls and 20 rooms for educational purposes. It is situated at Akmatov Street, Almaden Bazar.



The special feature of the Asian Medical Institute is that 2000+ Indian Medical Books are available in the library. Whereby the student does not think that he is studying in medical college outside India, and here the books of International Authorities are also available. And this is absolutely free by the university, due to this, students get a lot of help in the study.



Affiliated Hospitals of Asian Medical University:

  1. Issyk-Ata Region Hospital
  2. Traumatology and orthopedic hospital #4
  3. Issy-Ata central hospital
  4. Alamadin hospital
  5. City clinical hospital #6
  6. Department of Forensic Medicine
  7. Surgical hospital #1
  8. Surgical hospital Mamakeeva
  9. Obs & Gynecological hospital #2
  10. Tentishev Memorial polyclinic

Faculty and Teaching


At Asian Medical Institute, you’ll benefit from a Medicine Faculty with impeccable credentials as physicians, teachers, and researchers. Every member of the faculty holds an M.D. and/or Ph.D. degree. Many are also certified in their specialties. The faculty staff uses modern teaching technologies. Their teaching method is based on interactive and critical thinking activities that help the students to learn successfully and achieve good results. On contract basis every year AMI also invites the special team of doctors from the USA, UK, and Europe to deliver lectures and research medical education.



Kant has a humid continental climate. There is more rainfall in the winter than in the summer in Kant. The climate here is classified as Dsa by the Köppen-Geiger system. The average annual temperature in Kant is 10.2 °C. Precipitation here averages 424 mm.