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It starts with counseling. We first understand your interest, goals, and aspirations then our trained and experienced counselors will guide you as you articulate your thoughts and make the decisions that will eventually affect your career. Studying abroad is a huge decision both in terms of money and emotional involvement. It is therefore important for students to ensure they think through before they take the decision to pursue one course or the other. While there are a plethora of career options to choose from, they can be overwhelming and create confusion and anxiety in the minds of both, the parents and their child. Added to which is the well-meant advice of family and friends. That is why our trained and experienced team of counselors will consult with you, to understand and identify your aspirations to enable you to choose a program that perfectly matches your goals. Contact for our counselors to get in touch with you and guide you to a university that is best suited for you.

Identifying Universities


No two universities are alike; each university offers a different experience when it comes to teaching methodology, choice of faculty; facilities, etc. while all universities offer course and facilities that are on par with industry standards, it is important to select a university that best suits your needs and means. Selecting a university is not a matter of tic-tac-toe; it takes knowledge and experience to match the right university and course to the student, to ensure that both are in sync with each other.


At BCM Group, we are in constant touch with universities and understand their inner workings as they matter the most to students. Our counselors are trained and can help you identify which university offers the best combination-so you get value for money while getting a world-class education and experience. Once we understand your goals and interests, we shortlist and recommend universities that would best deliver the education you need to achieve your goals.

Application Creation


We help create the best possible university application based on our knowledge and experience of what works best with that university. While there are many universities out there, our trained and experienced counsellors will guide you to the universities that are best suited for you to achieve your goals. Our year of dealing with university officials and understanding requirements give us the edge in creating the application.

Liaising with the university


Once the applications are complete it is important to consistently follow up with the universities to ensure that all the documents are as per their requirement, in the prescribed format, and that your application is on the top of their mind. Our team will communicate with the universities; apply for admission and follow-up with them, on your behalf. We keep you updated every step of the way to make the process experiential and as hassle-free as possible.

Visa Application


Our visa guidance service not only includes filling visa application forms but also ensuring financial documents are in the order as needed by consulate – all bank statements, demand drafts, etc. and most importantly preparing students to answer questions by conducting mock interviews and sharing information on what you should and should not do. We are in constant touch with the consulates of different countries to ensure maximum success in getting a visa. We also guide our students on how they can extend their visa or apply for a Residence Permit after reaching their destination. For those students who may have applied to the university on their own, but need assistance with visa procedures, you are welcome to contact us, and our counselors will ensure that your visa applications form is correctly filled, and all your paperwork is in order. It is best to apply for the visa 2-3 months in advance, so you don’t have any last-minute surprises.

Pre-Departure Guidance


At BCM Group we help students with travel preparations, so you can start this exciting new phase in your life without the hassle or worry about your travel arrangements. Our travel partners offer special schemes and discounts to our students and arrange airport/train station pick-ups to ensure they reach their university. From inter-city to international transport, we organize your travel itinerary and do the relevant bookings to ensure that you are fetched from your home and dropped to the university campus without any problem.

Contact our counselors to get in touch with you and guide you to a university that is best suited for you.